John Deere 5045e tractor thoughts

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Does anybody have any experience with this particular model? I am looking at a 2015 with about 400 hrs for around 12k. 2wd....just wanted to see what some thoughts are on it.
I've used the 5085e and loved it, its a similar layout I believe but made in India instead of Augusta. It does have a john Deere engine not a yanmar.


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I have the 5065e.
It's a strong tractor but the design that routes hydraulics and wiring underneith is poor. I'm constantly fixing little things that could have been routed or shielded different.
I have a 5055e and a Kubota MX5660. I think the Kubota is more comfortable on those long days but I like the JD more for mowing. I agree the hoses should be shielded more, but for $ its hard to beat.
Just got this exact tractor and I am loving it. I have no complaints so far.