JP Sauer and Sohn Western Six Shooter


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Any body can tell me anything about this revolver? it is a .44 magnum. I believe JP Sauer and Sohn made the same gun for import by Hawes of LA about 20yrs ago and it was called the Marshall. However I do not see any import marks on this one and this one is called Sauer Western Six shooter. I do not think this is an import by Hawes. Any info will be helpful. Thank You!

Sorry abot the lousy pics, that is all i could get.


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They were made in the late 60s early 70s from what I recollect. they were inexpensive copies to compete with Rugers Black hawk. They were made prety descent but not much collector value. They also made them for Herters and chambered them in weird Herters calibers like .401 power mag.
J.P. Saur and Sons is an old line German manufacturer known mostly for its shotguns and drillings.

The revolvers were good quality, but I'm not aware of any collector interest in them that would enhance their value.


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Thank You guys !