JT, Bubba and friends Live From The Tree 2019. A year of highs and lows. II

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Sorry to hear that Roscoe. One of our hunters shot a deer that died 20 yards across the fence on another outfitters property.(Big nationally known now out of business outfitter) We could see the deer laying there. We still asked for permission. We were told no. Even after dark..... mysteriously that dead deer found his way back across that fence.
We always tried to accommodate requests to look for shot deer. We only asked that they be respectful of our hunters and to get in and out as quickly as possible.
Roscoe i believe i would i would wait at gate and try and ask the hunters. They would surely allow you as their guest to retrieve your deer
I was told by other neighbors that the owner of that pice of ground was owned by a not so pleasant guy . I truly believe in karma , but next time I will just go take a look anyways late at night . I try and be an ethical hunter and know that most guys are too . I’m not going to beat myself up about it so time to head to another tree and get back after it . . Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes . Now let kill something!!!!!!
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Back on stand.

I'm in Spypoint Ladder which sits on the edge of a giant cornfield. There was a half dozen deer bedded under it when I got here.

It's 39 with a light breeze from the south In my left ear.

3 hours to go and I already have deer moving thru the hardwoods down the treeline in front of me.

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