JT, Bubba and Friends Live From The Tree AARP Style 2018 II

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Back on stand for one last swing in Kansas!

I'm in a ladder that sits on a fence row in the corner of an overgrown crp type field. The giant 9 I killed 2 years ago was a few hundred yards NE of me... Fact is here was in this field right before I shot him. Bubba has killed 100 yards NW of me the past 2 years. The giant 8 i killed last year was 700 yards dead east of me. So to say I'm in the middle of it is an understatement!

It's 26 with a NW wind on my right cheek. Wind is supposed to be brutal at lunch.

Y'all hang tight cause this is gonna be sumn else.

Just now breaking light...

Screenshot_20181109-061825.jpg IMG_20181109_24381.jpg


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Hate that Bubba and Shayne are having to ride that rollercoaster. Fingers crossed that they'll be able to find their deer.

All of us here in Ga are enjoying the winter wonderland pictures from the midwest.

Congrats to MA on what looks like a fine heavy horned beast!

Good luck to those in stands this morning. Hope a giant comes strolling by your setup!
Guess we won’t be seeing any bare feet today.:biggrin3:
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