JT, Bubba and Friends Live From The Tree AARP Style 2018 II

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Sweet pics ,, I have yet to be in a tree this year . Work is busy and got my daughters wedding this weekend. Should be in a tree around Thanksgiving. Living my season out thru friends and this awesome lfft. Keep it up fellas, pulling for all you from the office!

Jim Boyd

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I slept in and it looks like we got about an inch of snow.

Keith should be here in about an hour.

I scouted an old ridge road (that I did not know was there) yesterday - it tapers down to a flat that leads to 25 year old CREP ground and then the river.

Scrapes from top to bottom and trails walked heavily - place is sick with sign. In the 5-6 years I have had this farm, I have barely set foot over here.

Gonna add Millenium today.

Good luck people, we will be back on stand in the morning looking for Keith’s Midwest stud.

Dawgs tomorrow nite!
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Pretty solid buck at 200 ... Tried to call him over for a better look and he got to 197 and said no thx ...
Ha... Good job Chuck! How did it feel to know your calling is good for 3 yards 🤣.

One more doe since early activity. Good thing is that she acted like she was in heat. Bad thing is she was by herself

Wind is picking up quickly and this is gonna be hard to sit in soon
31 with wind and freezing but I'm loving the view! Only one young buck all morning. It's supposed to be 16 tonight. I'm hoping Bubba finds his buck. A good dog could do it if you can find one. United Bloodtracker's on Facebook list trackers for every state. IMG_20181109_38231.jpg IMG_20181109_20300.jpg IMG_20181109_52175.jpg IMG_20181109_5660.jpg
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Pics are double good Debbie 👌👌👌

Other than a field full of turkeys I've got nothing happening. And wind, I've got wind
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