JT, Bubba and Friends Live From The Tree AARP Style 2018 II

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Checking in from FL. Nothing like an all day sit to catch up on the thread. Looks like I might have got here just in time for that dog to find Bubba's buck.

Rain is on the way, so my all day might get cut short. Hope they move early. Good luck gentlemen!
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Well that was prolly a mistake, but I passed on him. He just looked young.

Tall 9 with trash and kickers and 8" brows but no mass to brag about. He came directly across the field and almost dead under me. I passed at last second so this is the only pic

3.5 hours to go... Now let me get rid of these shakes 😎😎😎❄️❄️❄️😎😎😎
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Her looked real good when he popped out in the sun and I changed my pin to less than 20 yards, but couldn't talk myself into it.

Sorry folks for the false alarm
Let Bubba's "hot doe big buck parade" begin for everyone.

Getting closer & closer, JT. Way to hang in there. Sounds like it's about to happen for you at anytime.
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May get good here quick. A baby buck just came running across my field and there's 3 does already out feeding in greenfield.

Cool thing is 2 years ago today at dead dark I killed a giant 9 200 yards from here. Ol long brow that have me the shakes a bit ago walked under that stand and came off the same trail where I killed mine at.

Need all that to repeat but maybe not wait till o dark 30 cause if like to be able to see him 1st. Heck if ol long brow comes back thru in low shooting light he might get the hammer too🤣🤣
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