Just met a new snake!

Capt Quirk

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Walking past the well, I was surprised to see a snake. Usually, the dogs would run of the milder snakes, or raise heck when they find one that won't run... slither?

I stopped for a better look, it was blackish on top, yellow orange belly. I didn't know what it was, but I knew what it wasn't, but it was also very shy, and refused to let me get a closer look. According to Goggle, it's a Plain Bellied Watersnake. Good sized fella, about 3 1/2' and kinda thick. He was a good distance from the water though.


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Saw lots of what we called Red Bellied Water Snakes down in SC while living there. They are not venomous but can inflict a painful bite, they have rows of sharp teeth in their mouths..Saw some pretty good size ones too..


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i saw one too! just the other day layin in the sun next to the pond .. actually olive drab on top and orange on the bottom .. asked my brother about it (which is a herpotologist) he said , yes , a red bellied water snake and said he hasn't seen one in years .. he may join the forum and can answer any snake ? u may ever have