Just not in my wheelhouse......

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Traveled up to Kentucky for a BFL on Cumberland this weekend. First off, let me start by saying........what they say about this lake is true, it is HUGE!

It is essentially a deep, clear fishery, with very steep shorelines, which is the exact opposite of what I consider my wheelhouse, though it is a tremendous fishery. Im not saying I expect a bad day tomorrow by any means, but I certainly am going to have to work hard and keep an open mind.

Ok, so now I would like to know if there is a lake that YOU feel uncomfortable on that never seems to line up with your strengths.

I know we have talked about our favorite fisheries a time or two, but what about the duds?

Fire away!


It sounds a lot like Carter's, from your description. Although I live 30 mins from Carter's, I have never had the chance to fully put my skills to the test on it. I feel that I would do pretty good if I were there, but those conditions would probably make me feel the most uncomfortable.

I am good with the clear water.......just the depth......I am used to fishing stuff 30 ft. and shallower.