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I recently bought a Kahr CW9 & I love it. It is now my primary concealed carry.
I've carried it in an iwb & ankle holster.
It's a sweet pistol.


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I had one years ago and really liked it, but I switched to a left hand carry and left hand shooting and when shooting left handed, my hand would contact the mag release and it would drop mags when shooting left handed, so it had to find a new home


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I had one, too, @4HAND.

At the time I was looking for something with better sights, trigger and faster reloads that the S&W 442/642 Airweights that I'd carry when I was pocket-carrying.

The little 9mm Kahr did pretty well. Long trigger travel on it, but it certainly checked all the boxes I needed.

Soon afterwards Glock released the G43 and I immediately liked it even more. Now, I must admit to being a fan of Glocks and that weighed on my decision. I got a good offer on the Kahr and sold it and bought a G43.

A couple years later found my wife and I out on date day. This consisted of us going to an indoor range for an hour then onto a movie and etc. She shot the G43 for the first time and said, "This is one is mine". Couldn't argue with her. The jeans she was wearing had me smitten. G43 was gifted to her then & there. Put a pink Hogue grip-thing on it, too. :rofl:

A Sig P938 Extreme became my then....and current pocket rocket. The S&W Airweights were split up...I kept the 442 and it became a "kitchen gun". She took the 642.....and put pink grips on it and has it in a safe, but easy to access location if needed.

As much as I love seeing my bride get dolled up and us going on on dates...I'll not be taking any of my favorite guns with us....can't afford to have her lay claim to 'em. :cool: I've got a little 3" Colt that I bought new & been tinkering around with for some time now....trying to get it running reliable enough to carry without pause. Refinished, sweet grips, Wilson mags all look and perform great on it. Upgraded ejector and new sights should be about all that's needed. Can't let her see it.....can't let her see it.

I used to prefer carrying a G19 or a 1911......until the Kahr showed up and proved to me that small 9mm semi-autos could fit my paw and be reliable and surprisingly accurate weapons. These little pups fit easy in a DeSantis SuperFly pocket holster and often get worn even in lightweight gym shorts. Impressive performance.

Glad you like the Kahr. I found the sights on mine to be tremendous upgrades to the 442 it bumped outa carry duty.

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Got the CW45, tough straight forward, not bulky single stack, no issues......I like it.


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I have been carrying a CW9 for about 3 years now. I use an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck iwb and absolutely love it. Very accurate and very comfortable. I used to carry a G27 but got tired of the doublestack and it being uncomfortable.