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Leaving good ol' GA this Summer and moving to Kansas City. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge on the hunting out there in terms of gear (boat? Utv?) I'll need, clubs/leases, public land, etc.

I know the Missouri is hunted and there's ample other opportunity for geese and greenheads around but I don't know much more than those general ideas and am hoping someone might have some insight to further my knowledge. Thanks!
I've hunted south of there in MO for several years. The hunting can be awesome with the right weather. There have been days when our pit got a 6 man limit of all green and pintails. Schell-Osage has some walk in opportunity but you may want to look into joining a club if you are serious. Snow goose hunts are awesome too and those usually just require a farmers permission and someone with all of the equipment. You can also do field hunts for honkers and ducks the same way. There is so much land out there.
Go west young man. I lived in Manhattan Kansas for five years. Killed allot of ducks on public land.
I know this is Kansas but all you need to do is get on I 70 and head west. You are going to the honey hole. Plenty of ducks and deer and pheasant


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I'm envious. Job swap? Both Missouri and Kansas have ample hunting opportunities. You'll never want to hunt here again.

I was stationed at Whiteman AFB from 87-91. Love my wife who I met here but I wish I had stayed in Missouri.
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Killer- thanks for the links. Much appreciated. Got your PM, I'll give you a call when I head up that way.

Ihunt- starting my medical residency up there so I will be pretty busy. Nonetheless I'm pretty excited to have ample hunting opportunity out the back door. Definitely want to focus on the waterfowl but sounds like there's plentiful upland game around as well.
Its been allot of years but some spots never change. I killed ducks when we had snow on the ground and everything was frozen except the very center of the lake with a blue tarp laid out on the snow and decoys laid out on the tarp. You and your dog will have allot of great times.
I hunt Kansas every year. Plenty of great public opportunities. Also, there are lots of farmers that will let you walk on if you go ask. Good luck