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When she chaired Fulton County ..... She had no idea she was in training for congress. Glad she is not afraid to let them have it.

"Rep. Karen Handel, R-Ga., was presiding over the House at the speaker's chair and soon asked Lieu to switch off the device. Here's how the next few minutes of their conversation went:"

"Lieu refused, at which point Handel ordered the House sergeant-at-arms to "enforce the rules of decorum."

:smash::smash::smash::smash::smash::smash: :cheers:

She should have taken a baseball bat to the sorry old bob.
The art of crying has been displayed very well by the Dems this week.

Most was very C grade drama and most actors were not very good at it. Rachel madau had to pick her nose 3 times to get half a tear out.


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Hemingway said

"“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.”
They need a former marine as the Sargent at arms. He would walk up, kick this pansy in the butt and ask him if he needed another swift kick ... in the front. Glad Karen stood her ground to see that the circus ring leader was silenced. If I were Karen, I would have asked were those recordings from 3 years ago when the administration allowed child traffickers to remove kids from their parents?


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Speaking of Karen Handel....aside from this story why has she been so quiet? Trump gave her a bit of support when she was campaigning for that seat. Haven't heard anything about at all since she won. Seems like she'd be a bit more outspoken about Lance-Bottoms immigration policies for Atlanta and stuff.
It's because of Soccer. Soccer is a sport of pansy Socialist and Communist Nations. No place for that over dramafied nonsense in our country.
We may have butted heads on a few topics but on this I agree. You are right.

Hope that doesnt offend anyone that likes Chikfila and soccer.
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Karen is working in the PRE_K mode ..... Next year elementary then she will be ready to speak out. I think the R rule is to be quite for the first few years and SLOWLY work your way up to loudmouth. D's just start MUCH earlier due to having no parents/guidelines/rules. ::gone: