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Had another great trip on the river. wore out the bass, caught about 30 in all, but they mostly small.
Took some pics with digital camera this time instead of cell phone. Some great scenery.


what river?

Hey man, which river are ya on? I have a yak and am just getting into kayak fishing and I'm not too far from you. I've hit High Falls a few times and gone up the river from Buck Creek but would like to find a few more stretches of river I can hit.

Cletus T.

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Awesome pictures man…..that river is calling my name too. I still haven’t got in a yak and started river bassin…..but pretty soon I’m going to have the time to hop in!

Congrats on the good day and thanks for sharing it with us!
dang my wife works and i have lots of kids lol to take care of well 3 to be exact so i can only do one dayers lol unless my wife is off that weekend
i like going down below langdale cemetary in valley and fishing the shoals only been once but we caught plenty