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Do you guys use anything to protect the keel. Regular keel tape that I have seen is 100$ s of dollars. I was thinking about thick duck tape and change it often. Or..... we use some really thick tape around windows....hmmmm , that's what I'll use
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River rocks, real shallow will gouge. Even though covered in slick moss
Duct tape will offer very little if any protection for your kayak,if you fish rocky streams and rivers river rash is just part of it.
Lots of people on YouTube using Gorilla Tape. It appears to do well. I haven't done it myself, I fish lakes , not creeks . I launch and land in grass or sand and try to avoid concrete boat ramps.

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I used the expensive keel guard on a salt water boat and a kayak. Not impressed. Gorilla Tape is tough not sure how water proof. I just stay away from bad stuff.
Marine Tex.
Sands like wood,taps like metal, sticks to anything permanently. Waterproof. Sometimes you can pry it off of certain smooth surfaces but not much. It will protect and repair a keel absolutely. It is a two part dark grey metallic or white epoxy.
That stuff is golden for a keel or boat hull repair. It’s not for patching actual holes. It’s more like an outer layer to protect what your boat has left. Like a bed liner yet hard as a rock.
I repaired the underside gel coat of a jet ski and the stuff is still holding on 15 years later. Marine Tex is bound to be better than any tape you’ll find. You could mask tape around it for a clean look. Put it on thick or thin. Double layer or whatever. I prefer to use 1/3 more hardener than the box says. It will start to get hot and harder quicker than it says on the box. So not sure if plastic can handle my ratio. Finished product will be tougher to sand away that way. It says it is for plastic.
Just remember as hard as it is it can eventually sand off over the years or with sand paper for a smooth finish. The thicker the better. Paint it if you like. GOOD STUFF for what you want and $20 goes along way for a keel. Cover that with your tape and see what lasts for many years.
Just mix a tiny test batch first so you know how it reacts from start to finish. Stuff hardens in just a minute or two and sands easier sooner rather than later. 24 hours or less and it’s rock solid. The ratio used makes it softer or harder. IMO.