Kindle Fire vs Nook Color

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My wife wants to buy our boys, 9 & 6 each, one of these for Christmas. What are your opinions on them. Basically, for downloading a few books, games, and possibly a movie or 2. Here's the kicker, neither one of us are really technology sauve. I mean I can get on here and stir up trouble, but when it comes to the technology, little slow, to be nice to myself. Where do you download the movies and games, and books? Amazon? and how easy is it to download to them. My wife thinks they are just going to read away on one, but I thinks its just going to become another gaming system like their DS's.
I have read some really good reviews on the Nook Color, especially the added slot to put more memory. Thanks for some input.
I have the Nook and it is very easy to use and download books, games, etc. My 3 yr old niece can navigate it to watch videos I have stored on it for her. Hope this helps.


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You might look at the Google Nexus tablet instead. Same size, same price point, but way more versatile.