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I have no problem catching King Mack's in the gulf especially near the beach this time of year. I have an assortment of deep diving plugs, surface trolling lures, cedar plugs, you name it. I threw the kitchen sink at them last year and not 1 bite. I did see quite a few guys running small planers behind them. Can anyone give me some direction for trolling around the inshore reefs off of tybee? or is it better to just drift through with dead bait and free line live bait behind the boat on wire???


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So I learned that the bait spot is the “yellow buoy” or “T” buoy is how it’s marked on navionics. Bait was scarce but we did manage to find a few greenbacks and a blue runner ... went over to Hilton head reef and watched everybody else catch fish ... had a greenback under a balloon that got cut off and we never even knew it ... had bait down a little ways with light weight and one on a free line ... NOTHING!!!!