Know anything about Claroxan?

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Know anything about

Does anybody know anything about this claroxan stuff I keep seeing on TV? I think this is the same stuff I read about in a magazine about a year ago. It is suppose to be real popular in Europe. Helps your vision some how? Just thought I would see if anybody has had any success with it. ::huh:


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I've read testimonials how great it works but I wonder if they would have had the same results with a placebo??? Might be snake oil? ::huh:
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yeah I have heard great things about it but only from them. I was hoping that someone here might have some personal experience with it.


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If there was anything to it you wouldn't have to buy it only on TV. Just like miracle diet pills for your eyes. Pie in the sky. :eek:
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Did a quick GOOGLE search & found this link. Hope it helps.

Also I'm 41 & getting more & more nearsighted~NO FUN! :mad: I have acustomer who used to work in Emory's Eye Clinic for many years & when I see him next I'll ask him what he's heard about clarxon. I did ask him about the eyesurgery to correct vision & his comment was short & simple. All the eye docs he worked w/ wore glasses & some had several pairs some for close work and others for everyday work. So I called & scheduled my eyedoc apt.

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I think it's made by the same company that make that enzyte "natural male enhancment ' stuff. I aint wastin my money, Ill buy some glasses :eek:
After they just pulled VIOXX for causing heart attacks, I ain't buying or takin any of these fancy new drugs...

NOTE: This pill will help with your acid indegestion........possible side effects are listed as, but not limited to...
Heart attack, stroke, paralysis, tumors, loss of sight, hemmorhoids, bunions, aching back and sore knees.

But you won't have heartburn.

I asked my barber if he could recommend one of these fancy chemical shampoos to restore my fading hairline.

He wisely replied "might give you cancer, but you can live a pretty good life without hair...."

I use a few nutritional products for the eyes: I take Ocuvite Lutein Plus (by Baush & Lomb), and Bilberry. Both can be found at any Publix or Kroger in the vitamin section. I also use Natrox Eye Support, this contains lutein, bilberry, and "brighteye".

These are natural vitamin/supplements that are safe to use when directions are followed. Bilberry is a herb used to make tea - in WWII the Brit pilots found that it helped the night vision.

I take this stuff religiously before rifle matches and before hunting. Seems to help. The Claroxan seems to be snake-oil to me for reasons already posted.