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Just thought I would share this because I just shot a really nice bear and thought I made a great shot right in the crease until I saw this. My bear run along ways and bleed everywhere. We lost him with the tracking dog at midnight saturday down a steeeeeep ravine and spent 6hrs in the ravine looking through blown down trees with no luck today. Had a complete pass through and my mind was blown on how tough this boar was. I found this that put a little ease on my mind, so the shot placement was a little forward when you think of deer vitals. You get that crease and you know you got a heart shot. This isn't the case with the bear and this is a lesson learned. A GREAT weekend of hunting the hooch though. where-not-to-shoot-a-bear.jpg
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I'm sorry you were not able to recover that bear. Thank you for posting the vitals diagrams!
No problem figure it would be a fitting post seeing that I have hunted 4 yrs before a shot was even offered (Given I only get one or two weekends a season and I'm just getting the hang of these mountain leads and how the game travel them) I thought I was prepared in every way when he stepped out at 20 yds and realized I still didn't know anything. I thought my shot right in that shoulder was just gonna drive him straight in the dirt. Boy was I wrong. I just assumed you aimed just as you would on a whitetail. I am glad I got home and researched this though.


...just joking, seriously.
I put two arrows in my first archery bear while he was in an oak tree. And I lost him!
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My wife shot one right in the crease a few years back, we tracked it a long ways and never found it. The bear had a pretty white star on his chest and I had a few pics of him and was there when she shot him. We figured he had died because we never saw him again. The very next fall and only about 100 yds. from where she shot him, my best friend killed him, I saw the star and immediately rolled him over and there the scar was right where I had watched her arrow hit, we were all amazed that he had lived.


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Wow..that is amazing. Was it a pass thru shot, or did you recover your wife's remnant arrow during cleaning? Wonder if it was related to Bear Claw's Dad's bear that he recently had a white chest patch too.
The arrow passed completely through, she was using a G5 montec, which doesn't have a very big cutting diameter but excellent penetration for low poundage bows. Don't know about the relation part, this bear was in White county.