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Hello all, I am looking at getting a yellow lab puppy. Do you have any recommendations on where to get one? I am located in middle Georgia but would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to get one from a good bloodline. Also, which training videos would you recommend for something start to finish?
I have read old posts but didn't know if there was better videos out there now.

Thank you for the help


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I got pups right now in Savannah. QAA male and a hunt test female. All health clearances etc. I train and compete here for the year but I head to northern Michigan June -September.
There is a litter on the GON I would take a strong look at in Hull, GA. I have worked as a bird boy with the Sire and his owner and they both are excellent at what they do. . Don't know anything about Dam but know if Joe bred to it must be good. These are health tested dogs, with titles and proven pedigrees at a very reasonable price.

Don't skip out on a dog that will be with you for around 10 years.