Lab Duck Dog

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Is there anyone on here located near Ludowici, GA (Long County) that has a young lab or other dog they are training to retrieve ducks? I have a 12 week old black lab that I am looking to socialize with another younger lab / duck dog.
Mossy Pond Retrievers is located in Patterson Ga so only about 45 mins away. your pup is pretty young but you could at least talk to them and see if you could go down and watch, ask questions and learn. Also Coastal Empire Retriever club is down that way they may have a training day you could attend and maybe meet someone that is local to train with.
The is a gentlemen here in Wayne County that trains dogs including labs for retriever training. The name of the business is Altamaha Caine Consulting. Number listed is 294-0323. He lives in Screven so be a short drive from Ludowici, GA but he may be able to give options or let you bring dog to socialize with one he is training.


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Why are you looking to socialize it with another "duck" dog? Why not just socialize it with as many different dogs, people, places as possible? He's not going to pick up any pointers by hanging around other labs.