Lab for a squirrel dog?

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I am looking for a squirrel dog. Our family pet is a lab. Just wanting to ask some more experienced hunters; have you ever heard or seen of a Lab being a squirrel dog?
When I was a teen I had a Samoyed. She was a good little squirrel dog.

Any other weird or unexpected breeds?

kinda like using a raised Jeep Wrangler for a road race.

Can it be done? Probably

Will it be efficient? Nope

Will you get enjoyment from it? Not in the long run

Why not get a feist or small cur, and use the dogs to do what they are bred to do? Let the feist tree, and the lab retrieve.
I have a lab/hound mix of some sort (90 lb ga black dog). We are not trained but we tree and point squirrels and chipmunks daily. More chipmunks than squirrels. He will not bark when treed, just sits at the base and waits. If they hole up, he will dig them up and bite their head off. He’s a beast but not a squirrel dog.
It really depends on what you want out of a sq. dog. There's plenty of dogs that will do it, but I wouldn't want to hunt them. There's even plenty of purpose-bred dogs that do well in competition that I wouldn't hunt.

There are enough different breeds that are bred to tree that you can find something you like that has much, much better odds of making a sq. dog than a different breed with some of the same non-sq. related traits.