ladder stands driving me crazy - suggestions please

Personally you have what I consider is one of the better ladder stands out there. I have the family traditions as well and love it. Seat is a little noisy in the winter though.

Leave'em there...


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Just hunt

Next question;)
Ok, I must be the Safety Harness OCD king. I got nausea looking at your whole family up there.

I kinda feel like you do about that photo as I would not trust that type of ladder stand at that height with just MYSELF in it (surely not more than one person) especially with some of the lightweight square/rectangular tubular steel or aluminum that I have seen in Walmart, Dick's, Gander Mountain, Sportsman's Warehouse, Cabela's, Academy Sports, Bass Pro Shops and many other outdoor type stores across the country.

I weigh approximately 210-215 pounds average over the years and I have used various ladder stands over the past 45 years and some have been really heavier 100 percent treated wood with 2x4 steps, some with heavy duty aluminum square tubular stands with flat aluminum type steps, and a few more of "really heavy duty" solid steel tubular runners with 1/2" OD solid steel rods welded in place for steps. Most of these stands always remained in the same location during the entire hunting season each year. All of these stands have a turn-buckle device for securing to the tree very tightly once the season begins and also have a heavier metal chain that is locked onto the stand and securely onto the tree. These stands do not wiggle when I am sitting in position either. It honestly feels totally like sitting in a chair on the ground. At the end of the season, I will loosen the turnbuckle and allow for any growing space needed during the upcoming year and I will also loosen the chain just a few links as well before locking back in place.
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Both them trees are fixin to fall's just a matter of time.
I'd just go with sitting in a chair at their bases...why worry, it's your life we're talkin here.
Pit Blind would work real nice. below the ground so when they do fall...your safe..
Every previous answer is wrong. The clouds in the background are the problem. Build a big fire, make a smoke screen so you can't see the ladder or trees, climb in and enjoy not seeing anything crooked or unlevel.

The real trick will be getting a good shot on deer that do the stop, drop, and roll as they pass through the area. You can prepare for this difficult shot by target practicing on rolling logs in the off season. Glad I could help ��