Lady Finger Peas!!!!!!!!!!

Eddy M.

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:love: my local farmers market has sold these peas shelled for a year or two and they are GREAT--- I've never heard of them in the past as far as buying seeds to plant is concerned and just this year found on line stores selling seeds----------- anybody plant and grow them in Georgia? Really these thing are great- my whole family loves them even the teenagers:hair:


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Yep, loved them for years. Also see if you can find a pea called a "cream 40" (sometimes called Texas cream 40). It is a hybrid cross between a ladyfinger and a white acre (another fantastic small pea).


I love them. Unfortunately, haven't been able to find them yet this year in the Albany area.


They are some good peas. A friend of mine grows and sells them, and just about every other kind of peas and butterbeans you can imagin`. The Redhead puts up enough every year to carry us from one growin` season to the next.


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I love them. Unfortunately, haven't been able to find them yet this year in the Albany area.
Thomaville had some last week. I'm driving up Monday to get my annual pea supply. As of last week, they had zippers, black eyes, white acres, pink eyes, lady fingers, cream 40s, and butter beans. Yum yum.

I know from past experience that my 120 qt fish box holds exactly 9 bushels of shelled peas, 15lbs of smoked sausage, and 2 bags of ice.


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I was at the Farmer's Market in Thomasville on Wednesday. Their stock was limited because it has been too wet for the farmers to get into the fields to pick.

I came back with 2 bushels of lady fingers, 2 bushels of white acre, one bushel of pink eyes, about half a bushel of zippers, and a couple of containers of colored butterbeans.

When you combine that with the 20 lbs of sausage I picked up from Bradleys, I was up half the night getting it ready for the freezer.