Lake Burton

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Anyone fishing Lake Burton lately? Hard to find any type of reports on this lake. Been a few years since ive been. Plan to camp there this weekend for a few days.
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Typical of most lakes unfortunately. Nice weather but at least the water is still pretty chilly. shouldnt be too bad this early in the year i hope.
My dad lives on wildcat creek. Been catching a few nice messes of slab crappie on minnows
Lake Burton is to small for the boat traffic it has, and it is already bad. Been jet skis and tubers for over a month and them dang wake boats. It is a real nightmare on Friday thru Sunday.
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Hadnt really thought about the crappie. But thats good to know!

Ill be after spots mostly. Too bad that place is so bad!


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It's only bad when it's warm and the weather nice. Best time to go is when it's cold and wet and to miserable for most people. The worst time is when school lets out for summer.
I avoid it like the plague !! At night is ok !! Just keep your eyes and ears open for the folks joy riding to avoid a bad situation like what happen this past weekend !!
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Well, bad news, campground is full! Guess ill be changing locations back to Lake Murray,SC. thats my go to lake anyway.


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Had a kid on a jet ski come within 15 ft of us while fishing a few weeks back. He was as wide open as the thing would run. About 8 am on a Tuesday morning.
That was probably spring break week...just a prelude to a much worse summer school break.