Lake Hartwell Level

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We are now down 8 feet. That is good compared to when it dropped recently down to 10 feet. It will be interesting to see what the level is in mid-March when the Classic comes to town.

My opinion is if you have 3 huge lakes like Hartwell, Russell, and Clark Hill on one river chain that you should be able to maintain higher water levels.

So, if the lake does come up to say 5-6 feet down there will be a ton of cover to fish this spring.


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That's the reason I sold my place on clarks hill.
I will never own another lake house on a Corp of engineer controlled lake.


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Would love to hear some reports from Hartwell from time to time. I would imagine it is a great lake to fish with the classic heading there. :flag:


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Fantastic lake

I live on Lanier, but Hartwell is my go to lake. If you know the lake all species of game fish are easy to pattern. Up the rivers is some of the best Hybrid and crappie fishing in the country, bass are great at night. Mark
I fished there this past Saturday. The water is really coming up fast. Lots of shoreline cover now. I caught most of my fish on a jig in 5-10 ft. Fished on the Tugaloo side. We cant wait until the classic expo gets here. We went in 2015 and it was great. Love having the classic in my hometown.
Speaking of Corp lakes, I have had a place on Lake Russell for 26 years and have never saw it more than 2-2 1/2 ' down !!


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It wouldn’t surprise me any, When the classic is over the corps start lowering Hartwell.


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No games by Corp.

We have had a lot of rain, even more on saturated soil. The SE radar around Hartwell and Lanier's watershed has been busy. Big lakes, small watershed. Mark