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This weekend I'm going to spend the weekend at Lake Martin this weekend.Mostly during the day will be spending time with the family during the day,but will be taking the kayak out at night to fish the dock lights. This will be the fist time out there with the kayak.Are the kayak rules different between GA vs AL? Will the flashlight,whistle, and PFD suffice for night fishin? Sure would hate to ruin the weekend because of fines.


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a big lake can be scary at night on a yak but especially on a holiday weekend with everyone partying. i would at a minimum have a good bright stern light, pack a .45 with an extra clip, a whistle, and stay close to the shore. A big boat will not see you until they are right on top of you (if then). Be careful out there! There are some nuts on the lake.

That's scary. I have a kayak and wonders often about going at night.
The other boats won't see you, be careful. What if something happens to you and you are alone?
I would never go less than 2 people, 3 being better.

Have fun and be safe



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If at all possible go out with another person. At the very least bring a cell phone in a dry box.

Here are the Alabama rules for unpowered boats that are paddled.

* If less than 20 meters (65.6 ft.) long, these boats must exhibit the lights as shown in figure 2:
o Red and green sidelights visible from a distance of at least two miles (or if less than 12 meters (39.4 ft.) long, at least one mile)
o A sternlight visible from a distance of at least two miles.
* If less than 7 meters (23.0 ft.) long, these boats should:
o If practical, exhibit the same lights as required for unpowered boats less than 20 meters (65.6 ft.) in length
o If not practical, they must have on hand at least one lantern or flashlight shining a white light as shown in figure 3.
Honestly, i'd get a light visible for 360 degrees. Yak Attack makes the VISIPole that while a little pricey... is well worth the money if you plan to go out a long way and/or often.

You can get them from Capt. Dick Enterprises here in Atlanta give him a call or email.

TELEPHONE: 770-630-8828

You could also get some cheap 360 white lights from Walmart. I'd avoid getting green/red navigation lights because power boaters will assume that you are as maneuverable and quick as they area.

If I were you I'd hug the bank at all times and be majorly aware of the idiots out there.

Check out this report, it'll give you a little perspective on what may happen on lakes at night...

Good luck out there, stay safe and bring us back pictures!
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The area I'm fishing is mainly a big cove,plan on fishing the docks nearby.Wouldn't dare venture out in the main lake this weekend.I mainly fish lake oliver at night and when you hear boats approach at night I just shine the light to signal then.I was wondering about that lake with firearms.I have a gfl and know AL is concealed only but thought that lake was ran by the corps which made it off limits. But I do need to get a light for the yak at night.


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I have a place on Martin and I can tell you on Holiday weekends its a madhouse the idiots will be out in full force. There are not many like it. If you go out at night hug the shore and be careful. Good luck.

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The problem with night fishing on a large lake is not being able to prepare for the unexpected.

You won't see a rogue wave or wake coming up on you.

Beyond that, a bone color deep wee R has been really good for me on the docks during the day. Now that I think of it, that's probably not a good night color.


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The Visa Pole light is the way to go. Also use a green head light on you hat to see to tie lures and stuff by. It will not ruin your night vision when you turn it off. File a float plan with the family and tell them what time to start looking for you if you do not return.

Stay close to shore and as Zack said use only a white light to signal you are at anchor so other boats are required to stay away from you.