Lake Seminole, SW Ga.

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Haven't found a lot of specks, but the few i've caught are full or roe. Caught em between Cypress Pond and Hickory Pond. Wonder if anyone else are having any luck. Understand, some folks are doing good in the Chattahoochee River Just north of the lake.


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Picked up a few on Eufaula, Tuesday evening. They were slow. Caught on minnows, most bites were around 15 ft in a 20 ft column.


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I plan on giving them a try in the Drain and around the Gator Hole in the next week or two.


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Still out from spawning areas

We have been in central and south Florida fishing for crappie on 4 different lakes and too many canals to count for 4 weeks, they still are not in full spawn mode, some males up in grass, most are still out with the females feeding in deeper water, some come in early and move out when the sun gets up. Stopping by Big Sem on the way home to Lanier. Also, many Sailfish caught and released off Ft. Pierce, 10 or more strikes a day when seas permit. Good to be retired. Mark