Lanahassee Creek

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Does anyone have any info. on this place ? It is listed under the deer Quota section as having two hunts available this year and I can not find anything about it. I have several quota points saved and would like to go to a new place but I can't get any info. about this place.
Yeah Man, the tract is on 280 just East of Preston Ga. Not sure the acreage looks to be around 8,000 and the only reason I say this is cause I seen it on a map. The WMA north boundary is also My hunting leases South Boundary so we know all about this land. I might not get too excited because that land had been leased to Florida hunters for years and they killed everything over there and put out pallets upon pallets of corn. Some areas have been cleared last year but there are still some decent white oak bottoms. The only way I accidently found the map is I went on the ga outdoor app clicked on HUNTING then I Believe HUNTING AREAS. If you zoom in East of preston it will come up. A lot of dirt roads run through the place. The whole West boundary is the Creek from 280 to our place just south of 153. Its a VPA now so if they could keep it and keep the QDMA it might be good in a few years but if your just looking for a new place then give it a shot. We actually put in for the two quotas so we can just basically go across the boundary from our land on those dates. I attached a screenshot. Sullivan leased it to be a VPA not a WMA but I'm hoping they make it permanent cause I think it would help us out having it a WMA instead of a hunting club with 50 plus people. Anything else let me know JASON MILLER



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Very interesting. I hunt a piece a little east of there and didn't know anything about this.
I happen to be one of the "Florida" hunters, that leases land very close to here. In the last 13 years I have only harvested 3 Bucks and 6 does. Not overkill in my opinion. Also that land was last leased to hunters that lived in Georgia, after being a pay hunt place for 2 years, and a failed quail plantation before that. And if I do put out corn, it is simply for pictures on the trailcam.
The club just south of banditos place is full of Ga.boys that put out pallets of corn and shot everything that walked. They lease from weyerhauser and are brown it's down club
That bunch is still sitting right in the middle of Lanahassee Creek VPA piling the corn out shooting everything that walks while those of us that hunt the managed area are looking for those trophy deer that won't make ,show or ever make it to age limits we are required to hunt. The state has to get control of that Weyerhauser tract before it will ever work for the rest of us