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Lanier Jim

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So let me tell you how my day started. I get to ramp around the usual to back the boat down...plug, motor toter, and normally, I let out about a foot of strap so the boat will just "wiggle" a little when I back in water. Then I get out and get the boat off the trailer.

Well - today, I got a call about the time I was letting out a little strap....and commence to unhooking the boat too. Back down and I'm looking at my boat wiggle...then keeps on going.

So, the boat is now 20' off the trailer...sitting in the middle of the cove at Vans Tavern...and nobody around to help...not even a truck in the parking lot. I post on facebook in hopes that someone will get a notice and be near to help. Text Jimbo to see if he can help...nope, he's way down the I'm looking out at the boat and start to take off my boots when suddenly, a breeze starts...and it's blowing right at the sandbar.

It took about 5 mins and the boat is pushed up on the sandbar about 100' I jump in and get to fishing without getting wet. :)

Today was a search and destroy day...all new areas just looking for new stuff and wouldn't you know it - found a ton of fish down deep again. Boated 7 out of a school ....all cookie cutter 2# spots. Then the phone rings and Ty needs some help with his back to Vans Tavern to get him straight. Mission accomplished.

Drop shot and spoon in 45' of water...and also something I've been trying that boated 2 more good spots. Sun is up good now and it's warming up and start seeing fish suspended around 25' I pick up the spybait - long cast - let it sink for about a 20 count...turn the reel handle twice and get thumped. Another solid cast - fish hits the spybait on the fall.

Ended up with 14 cookie cutter 2# - 2.5# spots with two probably going 3# on drop shot, spoon, and spybait. Surprised I didn't fall out of boat the way the day started. Off the water around 3:30 - and still dry :) LJ


Jim, I feel your pain. I have made it a point to put my phone away when Im launching my boat, hooking up my trailer or putting my boat back in the garage. So far I have backed into the garage door, broken my tailer jack (3 times), and even dropped my traler tongue on my foot. The common factor in all of those failures was me being on the phone. I think I have learned my lesson. Glad you were able to still get on the water and catch em though.
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Lanier Jim

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Thanks guys...and dang Lucient. Remind me never to go fishing with you if you have your phone :)