Lanier - Deep Spoon and Drop Shot (Pic Hvy)

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Lanier Jim

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Out half day with Chris today...and boy did he put the smack down on some spots! Spoon and Drop Shot did the damage for 18 fish....Chris fished nothing but a Hooch his Dad makes...and it was on fire. I rotated between the Hooch, Flex-It, and drop shot using a Herring color in the Lil Meaty that I cut down to 3".

One of the spots spit up several tiny, the Hooch spoon and a .50 Flex-It was dead on. One of Chris' fish was a 14" largemouth...eyes bugged out....sores on looked sick. He released it....a few minutes later, it came up to the surface and splashed around for a minute...then a big Herron flew in and took it out of the water. Seriously - this bird flys off with a nice little meal hanging out of it's mouth...then another Herron follows it and they go to the bank to eat.

Fish were deep .......I'm on some mega schools in 40'-45' of water...the spoon and drop shot will catch them. The Humminbirds don't lie in the screen shots.

Great to fish with you Chris....some fun times for sure...Hooch Spoon was the king today. LJ