Lanier early HOT

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Hit the south end at sun up. Hoping for some topwater but I think it's too hot. Only a few blow ups - it was dead.

Sun came up and I trolled a Capt Mack umbrella rig. I figured the bait and fish were deep. I got in the mouth of Bald Ridge and figured I was hung up. Reversed the boat to work it out of the tree only to discover the tree was fighting back. Turned out to be a big old Spot. Was a beautiful fish but not much fun to catch on 30lb line. Probably bit the rig and pulled me into a tree. Wish I could have caught her on topwater!

Then I went to the dam and put the rig in again only to have it pulled down while I was feeding the line in. Made my retrieve to find two small stripers had jumped on it.

All fish were released and swam back to deeper water.

Pulled the boat out at 930a, as it was already HOT.

Anyone have any trolling tips? Places to try where the stripers might be bigger? PM me. I want try again this week. Thanks.


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