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Out today with Heath and his father, Carl. Talk about two fun guys to fish with...tons of laughs and trash talking. In between all the remarks, we managed to boat 21 good spots!

We were targeting the same 25' depth range and started dropping early. LJ's Passion and Candy were on fire today and Heath had a hot hand with Passion....he stuck some studs! We threw the spybait early on with a couple of fish...but the drop shot and Fruity Worms Ruled! The Humminbird was showing out again today...we were on some serious schools and it showed them to us.

Around 11:30am - we were at 14 nice fish in the boat...the bite had slowed a little...I called and water release was starting at we decided to take a break from the heat and eat lunch at Pelican Pete's / Port Royale.

After lunch, we were off again in the heat ...first stop, 2 solid spots in the boat. Heath still dropping LJ's Passion and Carl dropping Candy. I went to a test color coming out soon...first drop, "thump"! We kept moving looking for active fish...we'd run across some every 4th-5th waypoint I'd check.

Ended the day when we ran out of water
:) Yeah, we knocked down about a case of water in the heat...dang it got hot. Fun day for sure....we got to 20 fish and decided to stop at one last waypoint on the way in....Carl drops down and feels a little weight...lifts/reels and it's another good fish on....Candy went hunting again. Awesome day guys....hope to do it again soon. LJ


Man, that's awesome LJ. Ya'll are killin it out there. We need to plan to make that drop shot/spybait video next week.
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Lanier Jim

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If I can find a day...right now, only open day is July 22nd and 24th