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Lanier Jim

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It's only going to get better the next 45 days....Top and Drop were on fire. Out with someone fishing a tourney tomorrow...he was camera shy :). Ended up with over 30 fish with some good ones and lost 2 stripers at the boat that pulled off...both around 10# - 12#.

I promised not to give to many details so I'll let the pictures do the talking. I had to pull out the net right thumb got raw and at the end of the day, bleeding!

Top was the Rapala X-Rap Pop and Chugbug....drop shot was Fruity Worms in LJ's Dawn and Purple Shad. Great day! Hope to see you out there - LJ


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Glad to see top water bite starting. Got to spend a few days on the pond week or so back and couldn't get any top water fish . Had a ball catching a bunch of buck bass off points using crank baits and swim baits though. Always good to read your post LJ !
Looking good LJ. Looks like some thick fish there. Top and Drop!!


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Nice catches,,,, I like that Helix 7,,,,wish I could afford one,,,,
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Lanier Jim

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Thanks guys.....Cmp1 - I love the Heliz 7 screen size and detail....very sharp pictures and the new Chirp units are serious good. It took me a good day on the water to dial them in to "my eyes"....tweaked up if you will.