Lanier - Still Great Fishing

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Lanier Jim

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Good news and better news! Today, I remembered to "NOT" unhook my boat before backing down into the water :) Now for the better chewed good today on deep drop shot and spoon. Heck, I even had back to back to back big crappie on the spoon in 45' of water!

Still on the same pattern...but fished new places today that I did my search and destroy mission on yesterday. Six places produced 14 spots and 3 crappie :)

Key to drop shot was a 3" bait. Keep in mind that down 45' - 50', the bite might just be some pressure or weight...and at times - you may feel like you lost your rig...a fish has hit and moved up.

Out tomorrow again...hope it's a great day since I'll be fishing early to late. LJ