Last Call for Quail

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I got a call from an old friend to wind down the season Saturday. We met at 230 at the farm and it was 82. We put out Abby and Willa with one of his EP's. Abby found the first covey and as I approached, the birds flushed wild without a shot. Man, it was warm. Not long after that covey, both my buddy's and my Garmin alerted that his dog and my two Brittanys were on point. When we found them they were cooling their jets in a shaded, deep clover plot , stretched out with bellies to the ground, munching clover. They had more sense than us. After 45 minutes, my dogs wilted fast, couch potatoes they are, after woodcock season closed out month ago in SC without much running since. In the boxes they went, and the other two EP's hit the ground running. Conditions weren't great; dry and warm and birds weren't out until late. We found a few scattered coveys ending the day with a few birds. Gil
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you did better than me. I went Sat morning and found one wild covey...Scenting conditions were terrible.