Last race of the day with a kill 1-27-2018

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Ran on my leases Saturday ,had some good swamp rabbit races in the morning ,ran cottontails in the evening around camp house .We just couldnt get a big swamp rabbit (biggest rabbits I've ever seen)to fall ,we rolled a couple and they would just get up and keep RUNNING :banginghe:banginghe:eek:...
hope everybody has a great rest of the season !!



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Had some good runs Saturday also. Left the guns on the truck and just let em run. The rabbit went by us so many times I think he knew we had no plans of shooting him. Hate to shoot em when running the young dogs. The more running the more learning. Keep after em Shawn.


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same here....not to hot and drizzly rain....dogs ran all morning one time we had five dogs running 3 different rabbits.....
Awesome hunt and good looking dogs! I’m training a squirrel dog this year. Hope to get a couple beagles for rabbits in 2019. Have a great rest of the season!

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We appreciate you filming your pack and your hunts, mighty nice. You have good dogs and willingness to share your hunts. I've been enjoying your hunts for some time now. I just wanna say thanks for sharing,....bsm