Late November planting

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Planted whitetail institute no plow which I actually plowed it and planted it how I normally do anything. The rain came the next day and after two days I could see it starting to germinate. Then we had a frost and thought I lost it all, but about a week later and a little warmer weather its coming up and looks good. Just hope the last two days of cold weather haven't zapped it again
Not sure what is in that mix but if it is wheat/oats and any clovers, that part would be fine I think.
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Looks like a lot of clovers in it probably red variety but not sure. It says it will grow in acidic soils so I'm sure its not the very best, but new green and acorns should be playing out soon might be killer spot👍
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JB how did yall do this year in Carolina? We killed a couple decent bucks. Deer movement has slowed down a lot for us since after Thanksgiving at least not seeing the bucks we were in late October early November. Kinda that way every year for us.