Lathem Lately?

Think of taking the fast boat to Oconee Monday. Since I got it, the NuCanoe has stayed dry and lonely.
Don't worry, I'll be back on Lathem for the crappie and cracker spawns!


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Well first time ever fishing Lathem on a weekend. Pulled into the lot and to my surprise at 9:00 am it was packed.There was a tournament going on with all kinda fancy bass boats with 3-4 trolling motors attached plus some assorted jonboats. They were already at it so i unloaded the solo skiff and headed out. Ended up catching seven bass and one crappie drop shot shiners. Fish were deep 30-50 feet for me. Water temp was 42-46 light breeze nice day for 2-2. Tourny winner took 5 fish 17 lbs not a bad average.



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Hit Lathem yesterday about 8 others fishing. Upper end was dingy main lake clear. Had 2 bites and caught both 1 crappie 1 bass. Talk to one guy said he caught a 3lb spot and 4lb LM. Im ready for spring.


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Looks like the catching was pretty good at Lathem yesterday. I got there really late to test a trolling motor and there was a bass tournament ending:

7lb’er out of Lathem and it’s not even spring. I can’t wait for the water to warm up a few degrees. I hit Bull Sluice and Sweetwater last week and got skunked. Water was muddy!
Still got this dang aircast on my foot, so no kayaking for me another 3 weeks. Maybe the 'crackers will be bedding by then. @weagle : did you note the water temp?
Thanks. Looks like I got another week or two, then. I'll be in the tin boat on Oconee in the meantime. No loose floating docks or closed boat ramps there..