Let's see that lawn.


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My Bermuda needs another week , great in spots but not so good in others , I believe the Pro's I pay may have over treated a few areas this spring . And still have poiana areas but its dying out fast , It gets old paying for treatments all year and still have trouble every spring .
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Pretty good looking Centipede. It looks real shady for Centipede, does it get sun in another part of the day? I have centipede in the sun and St. Augustine in the shade. Mine doesn't look too good. I just cut it and my blades are dull. I have a little bit of Wood Sorrel or Oxalis in it. I'll post a picture later.
Full sun until about 4pm when it goes over the tall pines and oaks.

I had wood sorrel in the Bermuda here in woodstock she. We first bought the place. I used MSM to wipe it out. I have some weeds at the lake and use Image to keep them half way under control.

My chemical shelf looks like hillbillys spice cabinet:rofl:
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