Let's see that lawn.

The back yard ain't too bad either. If you look closely you might see my tomato cages up in the landscaping. We grow other stuff in the field, but I gotta have a couple of mater plants out the back door. My wife loves that. If you look even closer in the shadows on the right, you might see my black racer buddy with his head up, watching me.



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'em lawns look like good places to plant trees!
50 75,100 years from now nobody will know or care about the time and money you wasted exerting your will on the environment. On the other hand 50,75,100 years from now future generations (people and critters alike) will benefit and enjoy the many benefits of trees you planted.


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I'm still recovering from a goofed up irrigation job late last summer. It's definitely coming along, and I think I'm close to ready to do a final sanding to smooth the trenches he left.


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Here is a before and after I paid a guy a few thousand dollars to install irrigation. I definitely learned my lesson with this fool. received_1116214431895544.jpeg received_262479311300845.jpeg


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A lot of sprinkler guys bore the lines in now . The guy that did mine hand hand dug them and he did a great job but had weeds in those areas for quite a while . By the way I need a sprinkler guy in Milledgeville . Line are already there just need some help getting everything straightened out .


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You mind explaining what common Bermuda is and how you got it that thick?
Best I can do is direct you to this website for explanation of types of Bermudagrass:


As far as conditioning, there is plenty of info on lawn care on that website. There are two things I have done, however, that I believe have helped in achieving a thicker growth:

Last year, I was mowing twice a week, which was okay since I’m retired, but taking a 10 day or two week trip meant I’d either have to find a neighborhood kid to mow or come back to 6 inch high grass. I found a growth inhibitor called T-Nex, which slows growth of the grass blades, but promotes root and rhizomes development, increasing thickness. I sprayed the lawn once a month, but was able to reduce mowing to twice a month. This also reduced clippings left behind, which reduced thatch build-up. One gallon of T-Nex will last me 4 or 5 years. Here’s info on T-Nex:


Second, during the winter, I sprayed areas with poa annua coming up with Roundup. Bermuda was dormant, so only the poa was killed. The poa can and other weeds can crowd out the Bermuda and cause thin areas. I think that helped also.

This is my lawn this morning:



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Poa is the bane of my existence.