Life after Infantry

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Hey all, I just joined because I wanted to communicate to others who were selected for the Blanton Creek Quality hunt next week, but after lurking for a bit I decided to hang out and see what this place is all about.

I did 5 years in the Army, and fought in Northern Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division as an Infantryman. I grew up hunting, but fell out of it due to depression and the baggage that comes with returning from war. After all the drugs and the drinking to cope with the call of the void, I’ve found that the most effective way of recentering myself (aside from family time) is to get out in the woods, and spend a few nights under the stars. I’ve never slept better in my life than I have when I’m outside on the ground. I’m talking a bed of pine straw and a sleeping bag, and that’s it.

Waking up before sunrise and just sitting in the woods with a cup of coffee and a fat dip of skoal does more for me than drowning in whiskey and punching walls. I’ve also gotten back in the gym, and taken up yoga too. Think what you will, it’s not important to me to seek validation, only to share the things that I’ve found that works for me.

Thank you for having me, I want to wish everyone a safe and successful hunting season, and Go Dawgs.
Thank you for your service, for your strength, for being a patriot, and for being a hero.

I hope the people here who lurk, troll, instigate, irritate, inspire, pontificate, and just communicate, will help you find humor and balance in the months and years ahead.

Welcome to an online asylum for people who need a little outside with their life.
thanks for you service, and glad you made it home.

enjoy those woods. there ain't nothing else like them


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thanks for everything bro .. i feel ya .. spent a year over there myself .. the colon of the earth ( to put it mildly).. you'll never find a friendlier forum in your life .. welcome. i know it feels good to hit the ground in america..:cheers:
Welcome to Woody's. You will find a lot of information and comradeship here. Thank you for your service. I am glad that you have found the outdoors to be one of the better alternatives.


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Welcome and enjoy!
Thank you Sir for your service. The Campfire is a good place to be. I hope you enjoy it, and visit us often.
Your service is appreciated sir !! Your talking of the nights outside rings a bell with me too sir !! I keep a bed roll behind the seat of my truck !! Along with a ammo can can filled with canned stuff and a couple sleeves of crackers and a mess kit ! I have foind that "my" dog is a great asset !!



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Welcome and thank you for your service! There are a lot of good people in here that will make you feel right at home
Thank you for the signed, blank check that we could have cashed at any moment.

Our country is built on the shoulders of men like you.