Lil tractor issue

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Steering shaft had enough. I was cutting brush for a mow and grow and hooked the end of a blown down tree. I am in need of a replacement steering 11573A25-D952-43A2-B503-E17907D18C8E.jpeg 11573A25-D952-43A2-B503-E17907D18C8E.jpeg shaft for a Ford 1610.
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Thanks for the replies guys. This little tractor gets some of the hardest work because it fits into those smaller tight areas the larger tractors can’t go. She’s down but not out. Thankfully the breaks are good so I could get her back to the barn!
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You could drill and tap that thing with a threaded stud and the weld the outside to get by with.
Thought about that but am hoping to find the part. The previous replies have given me some good sources. Apparently there are multiple diameter options so I need to measure the part so I get the correct size.