Little Tybee fishing and camping?

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My friend and I are planning a fishing trip somewhere near Tybee at the end of June. We have heard a lot about Little Tybee and we were wondering if anyone on here has any experience. I am familiar with the area but its been quite a few years since I have fished any of that area. Any info would be appreciated. Also what about a boat ramp and place to leave the truck and trailer for a couple days. I have a 15 foot mirrocraft with a 25 merc on it. It is fairly deep so it should handle inshore fine.
Little tybee

Check with the guys on Georgia coastal kayak fishing .com or coastal Outdoors. Com. Alley 3 is a good place to start.
There is a landing at the south end of the island that you may want to check into. Little Tybee is directly across from it. The only problem is parking, there is none, you have to pay the meter. Also, last time I put in there the ramp is pretty much beach sand so a 4x4 is a must. Does anyone else know if this landing is still operable.


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If you are going camping for two days, I'd consider using the hoist at Tybee Marina which is on Lazaretto Creek. The security and piece of mind of having your car parked on private property is worth the money for using the hoist. Little Tybee access in a small boat can be tricky. From the Back River at Tybee, I use Jack's Cut to access Little Tybee Creek and Slough. These waters are on the back of the islands and are sheltered water. Another way in is through the Mosquito Ditch. These require local knowledge but can be figured out through google earth and a little help. These are tide dependent waterways and best traveled on a rising tide, at least half tide or better. Access from the front is possible depending on wave conditions and wind. The Little Tybee chain is the most beautiful spot on the Ga. Coast. So near civilization, but once out of sight of Tybee, it is pristine. During neap tides in the summer, the water is green to the sand. There is more beach on Little Tybee than Tybee.


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This will put you in the middle of the smallest of the creeks into the two cuts. Track from there to get the route in and out. I couldn't find the degrees symbol to type in the normal format.
Mosquito Ditch:
31 degrees 59'03.12" N; 80 degrees 53'34.67"W

Jack's Cut:
31 degrees 59' 00.44N; 80 degrees 50' 12.52" W.

Pay attention to tides. You have been warned.