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Seems they like marshmallows. Other neighborhood critters don't seem interested in them, but the coons do. Seems to keep you from catching friendlies.

Guessing some of you already knew this, but it is something I recently learned.


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got a coon around my house I'm trying to catch. He apparently has been caught before cause nothing will get him in the trap he just keeps triggering the trap and getting bait through the wire. I've tried p/b and j and marshmallows. gonna run a stick threw a mallow and put it in center of trap and see how that works. Any other suggestions?
A lot of times your trap is too small and they will back out of it when the door falls on their back. If your sure he is reaching thru it......wrap some hardware cloth ( rat wire) around the end where the bait is. Also you can use just dry grape kool aid and it seems to get them in deeper. If you ain't worried about keeping him alive, a Duke dog proof trap with cat food and a marshmallow will get him quick. They are at most feed and farms around here. $ 15


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I thought they might like sardines until I pulled the card and a 350 lbs bear decided to camp out for several hours.

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I’ll have to remember the grape koolaid. I know everything else from fish oil to any other type of attractant actracts ants, lol.
When I use honey buns,I either put them on a sand bar in a creek. Or wait until after dark to set a box trap. Ants don't move near as much at night, but the coons do. Pull em up at daylight.
Dukes dog proof traps get them every time. I have used anything from stale bread, lunch meat, to you name it, and they still reach their paw in to get clamped down on.


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On a trap shy animal I like to dig a small hole under the trap Put bait of choice in put back of trap over hole and use small tent stakes in trap so rocky can’t move it