LIVETARGET Saltwater Soft Lure

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Has anyone used the new artificial shrimp that was introduced at ICAST 2018? It was voted one of the best new products introduced at the show. It certainly looks like a winner!

Thanks for any insights or experiences you can share.
I think it looks good but my problem is the body is soft and I have concerns with its durability, I was not impressed with the durability of the livetarget swimbaits. Plus with zman having the new EZshrimp its hard to get me to spend money on something thats not going to outlast a DOA shrimp.
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Doomtrpr_z71 & crackerdave,

You make some good points! And they are definitely expensive! Two in a pack for about $9.00! So even if they are as effective as they are advertised, durability may make them a bad choice since there are other very good options.