Lizard I.D.

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So I was tilling one of my raised beds, adding a bunch of new soil, and little tiller going all out;

Start laying out some rows for corn, pulling some deep furrows. Stick my hoe in a furrow to make it a little deeper, and the soil just starts bubbling up, and out pops this really big lizard, that was buried in the soil. No camera.

He was about 6 or 7 inches long, real fat, and the top view was pointed on both ends - no tail but it wasn't broken off- just the way he was/

Dark brown, with 3 (maybe 5) distinctive stripes running the length of his body, one right down the middle and the others equally spaced to the sides.

Other than the stripes, no real distinctive markings.

I'm wondering if he could have been in a bag of soil conditioner, which is nothing but ground up bark. Tiller sure didn't bother him.

He got gone in a hurry.


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Sounds like a common eastern fence lizard