Locations Missing!!

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Why are there so many logged on without their location showing?That is about the first thing I look for. Sometimes it helps to explain a post. If a person is interested in an item for sale ; it can be very important. Is there a reason not to do this . If there is let the rest of us know.
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Let's hear it. Is there something concerning security we need to know about or I.D. theft?
Spur, Not sure if I can add it under the name like we had on the old format, but do know that when most members re-registered they did not add it to their profile.

Guess they were in a hurry to get back rolling.



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I always like to look at the entire profile, now most is empty. How can we fix.


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Most of the info on profiles is voluntary. With all the axe murderers, identity thiefs, etc... running around, a lot of people don't put everything, but are vague -- i.e. "I'm from Georgia".... instead of what town or city. And some people, have no fears and put everything. :D

I do like the profiles that are fully filled out. I like to know whom I'm talking with, age, experience, and jobs, and most importantly, the bio's.

We've got a myriad of people on here from all different walks of life. Which is why I think this board feels like "home" to some of us... :clap: