Longbow or Recurve?

Longbow or Recurve

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I was wondering what everyone prefers? I have recently started shooting a longbow and love it! What do yall prefer? Any benefits over another? I know that recurves typically outshoot a longbow because of design just wondering what everyone elses thoughts were.
Ford vs Chevy is what it boils down too. Shoot both and buy what makes you smile. A little different styles in shooting, but whatever turns your crank.


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Longbow for me at the moment. I’m still in the learning phase of traditional shooting and it’s more forgiving of my form. I’ll end up shooting both since it will be easier to shoot out of a blind with a recurve.
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Lol I don’t have anywhere else to hide extra “necessary nutrition acquisition supplies” (sounds legit right!) Dennis. My usual answer to how much is 30-40 dollars I don’t think that will work for another bow. I’m shooting a semi self longbow right now and really like it but wish I’d made it shorter! I’m working on a true self bow out of black locust now that will be 62” and have reflex tips but not quite a recurve. My next project will either be a Bingham kit or try to build a press and make a laminated glass bow. Anyone else had any experience with building?
Depends what and how I'm hunting. Recurve is shorter if your in a blind, or have to shoot over the rail on a tree stand. On the ground nothing clears out spider webs like a longbow. Its so light you can easily keep it in front of your face while walking.