Looking for 2 members in Coweta county

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I am in need of 2 members on a Deer hunting club in coweta co. 286 acres mostly planted pines ranging from 15-30 yrs old. There is a big hardwood flat and several hardwood bottoms. The lease is $500.00 per person, plus a couple of bags of seed for the 4 food plots we have. Land has a decent road system. Pm me for any questions.
I live in Coweta and am looking for a local club to start hunting with asap. If you are still looking for members please message or call me 425-876-5151
is there any possibility you guys are looking for members in the 2012-2013 season. i live in coweta and have been looking for a long time for something close to home. if so please call me 678-877-2127


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looks like this guy has been banned ..... prolly wont be back ..
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Just moved to county interested in club.Could you e-mail me (bobmd88@yahoo.com) or call me at 678 767 0668 if you still have openings.Thanks

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Wow! This thread is 2 years old. You guys seem desperate to join a Coweta co. club. Good luck!:flag: