Looking for a longer range rifle for deer


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OK here is some food for thought. Back in the day I got into HIGH POWER COMPETITION. I went to FT. Benning in 2000 for their 3 day shooting school with the army marksman team as instructors. I had been target shooting since 1971 and always thought I was a good shot. Well I had a lot to learn and improved a lot. One thing that we were taught was that we are all taught incorrectly how to squeeze the trigger. For long range shooting we were told that all of the bones in our arm need to be aligned up in a straight line from your second joint in your trigger finger all the way to your elbow. If you squeeze the trigger with the first bone you will put pressure to the right of the rifle. This can cause your shot to be pulled to the right. If you use the second bone in your finger you will squeeze straight back. The first time I used this method in competition my score increased by 20 points. Try this with your empty rifle both ways and you will see what I mean.

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Keep it simple and don't over-think it.

A good 308 (short action), 270 Win or 30-06 (long action) will work perfectly. Also, there are numerous brands and weights of ammo you can choose. There is not a single deer on the face of the earth these wouldn't kill from muzzle to over 300 yards (or more).

As for the rifle, I'd look at Tikka, Winchester, Savage or Ruger.
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Sorry...I didn't catch that he was a novice... only that he had developed a recoil sensitivity.

The exact same alignment, natural point of aim, and trigger pull.. and all that encompasses... are used for 100 yard shots as for 1000 yard shots. Anytime you are able to practice that it not of nominal value.
Never said I was a novice, just that I had developed a flinch in the past while experimenting with magnum rounds. I would definitely put in the range time with any longer range gun that I wind up with. I owe it to myself and the animal I am hunting to be as proficient as possible with my weapon. I know too many guys who substitute magnum power for skill, and they seem to be the ones tracking wounded deer all the time.