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Hey everyone,

I recently moved to GA and live in Peachtree City. I've always been interested in waterfowl hunting but I've honestly never even gone once.

I've always loved the outdoors and I grew up fishing mostly with my Aunt and Uncle. I went hunting with my dad growing up only a couple times, but we moved several times and we never really found the time.

Fast forward to my adult life and I joined the Navy after a couple years of college. I had very little time while in the Navy to pursue any kind of outdoor sports because of the busy schedule.

I'm 29 now, and I really want to get into hunting since I missed out on those opportunities growing up. Truth is I don't know what I'm doing (especially when it comes to waterfowl hunting).

If someone would like to show me the ropes, I would be very grateful. I'm an avid shooter and I take safety very seriously. Also, I believe strongly in ethical hunting as well.

I hope this doesn't count as cyber scouting. I read the forum rules and I believe that applies to asking people where their favorite spots are. I'm not looking to intrude on someone's secret spot. Just looking for a buddy that can take me out and show me the ropes.

I know it's super early before the season begins, but this gives me time to get all my gear ready.

Core Lokt

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Hopefully someone will take you up on this. I took a total stranger 5-6 years ago and the great friendship that we have developed is priceless and well worth it. Good luck


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I will step it up and get you straight. Send me a PM and I will break you in on some birds, more than once even if you give mutual respect...lol. I think we need to preserve hunting and commend you for being straight forward and direct.


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Leavinc, I’m an old dude who has been duck hunting for over fifty years. I live a ways from you, near Athens. But I’ll be glad to talk with you and may even have some spare stuff from time to time. Message me and I’ll share tele number. Who knows, we may even sneak up on a duck or two next season.